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The argan tree can only be found in Morocco’s southwest region: in Agadir, the Souss valley, the Anti-Atlas and the high Atlas. Its yellow-brown fruits hold one to three almonds that can contain up to 55% of oil. Since time immemorial,these almonds are processed into the unique golden argan oil. One process produces oil that's suitable for consumption, another produces oil that is exceptionally nourishing and healing for the skin. In 1219 already, the renowned Arabic doctor Ibn Al Baytar mentioned argan's healing properties.

Because all parts of the argan tree are used, it is an important source of income. About three million people in rural areas directly or indirectly make a living off it. In additon, argan trees constitute a barrier against desertification: with their strong root formation, they retain groundwater, and thus contribute to the preservation of arable land. Thanks to various protective initiatives (UNESCO 1998, UNESCO 2014, Moroccan administration ... ), argan trees now cover an area of 823.000 ha.

Within the framework of the valorisation of the argan tree and the region in general, several women's co-operatives were set up in the nineties for the production of argan oil. By combining traditional methods with modern technology, they developed the optimum production process.

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